My Day in High Heels

I’d worn 5-inch heels on nights out. But never all day. 24 hours in the life of woman in (sky) high shoes. 

13 May 2016   | 

7:45 AM: Showered and dressed, I slip into my La Baronne crisscross strap sandals.

7:46 AM: My husband asks me if I’m having an affair.

7:47 AM: I shoot back “Yes”. At this time of day he’s usually asking if I slept OK.

7:56 AM: Check myself out in the mirror. When I catch sight of myself teetering on heels I would normally only wear for a night out, my knee-jerk reaction is to grab some champagne.

8:03 AM: As I sashay into the kitchen, my son asks if I’m going out and can he have dinner in front of the TV. Apparently, we have the same knee-jerks.

8:22 AM: On the way to school he wants to race. He wins. High 5.

8:37 AM: Time to head to the office. Given my cruising speed, I figure it’s better to ride the bus.

8:43 AM: I’m early. Turns out you save a lot of time in 5-inch heels.

8:44 AM: Even have a few minutes to grab coffee. I go up to the counter and order. “Can I get a cup of coffee?”

9:00 AM: Back at the office, my co-worker is surprised I’m on time. By way of explanation, I point excitedly to my shoes as if I was showing her a magic carpet. She peers at me, confused.

10:30 AM: Client meeting. I head for the meeting room, followed closely by the clickety-clack of my heels. It feels like a coach cheering me on with “You rock!” every time I take a step.

11:30 AM: Maybe it’s the placebo effect of the heels, but the presentation goes really well and I feel amazingly, well, amazing.

11:32 AM: In a burst of enthusiasm, I even offer my audience some of the cupcakes on the table. “They’re donuts,” I’m corrected.

1:00 PM: Lunch time. After devouring a salad, I set out for my usual little walk around the shops.

1:27 PM: Between subway grates, cobblestones, slippery floors and steep sidewalks, I realize how “heel-unfriendly” this neighborhood is.

1:32 PM: I cut my lunch hour short without even buying anything. So, wearing heels saves time AND money.

1:33 PM: Collapse into my chair. It’s a long time since I’ve been this happy to sit at my desk.

1:35 PM: Gingerly remove my shoes and treat myself to an ankle stretch.

2:12 PM: Get up to talk to my boss, who’s stopped by to compliment me on this morning.

2:16 PM: All that heartwarming praise makes me feel warm and fuzzy to the tips of my toes.

2:17 PM: My toes. I look down. I’m barefoot on the carpet.

2:18 PM: I inch backward towards my desk and sit back down. If you’ll excuse me, Sir, I have a lot of work to be getting on with… 6:33 PM: Work over. Meeting a girlfriend for dinner.

6:40 PM: “You look great,” she tells me. She tries to figure out what’s different. I realize the magical powers of heels can be felt even from under the table. Maybe it comes down to self-confidence.

10:47 PM: I get up to say goodbye. For the first time in 20 years of friendship I’m taller than her. I resist the urge to button up her coat so she doesn’t get cold.

10:55 PM: Possessed with newfound poise, I decide to walk home. As I lope along on my high heels I have to hold my shoulders back to stop me from falling flat on my face. That means I’m (finally) standing up straight. My mom will be so proud when I tell her.

11:10 PM: Home. “Are you hammering nails?” texts my husband from the bedroom.

11:11 PM: “Forgot to take off my shoes,” I sheepishly text back.

11:12 PM: Kiss my son goodnight. “Are you hammering nailzzz?” he asks me half asleep. Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

11:30 PM: Almost feel like wearing my heels to bed. Like Marilyn wore Chanel No. 5.

11:32 PM: I unbuckle my shoes. Way ahead of Cinderella here. Only my feet refuse to budge. They’re not ready to come back down to earth just yet.

11:33 PM: You’ll see your 5-inch friends again in the morning, I promise. Sometimes in life you gotta know when to take the high road.


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Discover all the pictures of our Longchamp Boutique opening on Pinterest!


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