10 back-to-school affectations

There are new standards to meet (or not) for every back-to-school season. An overview of the most trendy.

26 September 2016   | 

Do a Shoefie

Selfies (still!) haven’t had the last word! A compound of “shoes” and “selfie,” this one is about immortalizing the shoes on your feet. Social media is increasingly awash with shoefie snapshots, egged on by celebrity posts from the likes of Kendall Jenner, Irinia Shayk, Eva Longoria and Bella Hadid.

Get lost in a book

Researchers at Yale recently showed that regular reading can extend your life. Their findings revealed that people who read three hours per day are 17% less likely to die in the next 12 years compared to non-readers. Avid readers who spend more than 3.5 hours per day have a 23% higher life expectancy, which amounts to two years more than people who never open a book! Go here to match your bag with your book!

Take a cruise

At ITB Berlin, one of the world’s biggest travel trade shows, a certain trend led the pack: taking a luxury river cruise with 20-30 passengers. These river vessels can be modern to colonial and they are taking over from the Rhine to the Mekong.

Go mocha

This is a special shade of brown that gets its name from a highly-prized coffee blend that’s taking top billing with the August 17 release of the film Moka, an adaptation of Tatiana de Rosnay’s novel by the same name. Make some room for it in your closet with a mocha skirt or dress , it’s especially good at taming wild animal prints.

Get yourself a bearded man

This is where your sweetheart becomes a trendy accessory to drape on your arm. In honor of World Beard Day on September 3, #beardsfrombelow went viral on social media. Men took photos of their beards from below to see who had the most…shocking.

Be daring

What if you let yourself go? In the clothing department, that is. Vogue magazine is categorical: “After a summer season of 1990s minimalism, winter is all about happiness, concept design and how materials feel.” Move over plain Jane, impulse is in the house. They’re head over heels for jeweled bags in fur prints, like the Roseau Panthère, playing with fabric patchworks on a bag or coat, combining suede lambskin, rabbit fur and sheepskin and knitted furs. Same for prints where the name of the game is now to mix patterns with a panther-print blouse and a marbled stone skirt.

Get wishy-washy with your eyeliner

Stop painstakingly drawing a perfect line above your lashes. The latest trend is bubble eyeliner. Start by tracing a wavy line along your lashes and then color in the humps. Try not to do it for your first day back at the office, you might freak out your coworkers.

Turn up the color

Rainbow sushi is blossoming on Instagram and peach and lilac are the new must-have hair colors for the fall. The same goes for color in your wardrobe: the Roseau Croco sets the tone with shades like curry and mahogany , silk scarves brighten up the most somber outfits and yellow silk blouses or orange pants are like rays of sunshine in the dead of winter.

Polish for couples

It all started with a snapshot of Marc Jacobs donning black nail polish. A few weeks later, the Interweb got all excited about Cristiano Ronaldo’s vacation photos of his polished toenails. Even though Kurt Cobain and David Bowie were the forerunners, it’s now a full-on trend and men are proudly showing it off with #malepolish.

Back in 2000

Feels like only yesterday, but it was actually 16 years ago. Fashion is a never-ending cycle and now the 2000s are creeping back into our fall wardrobes. Remember chokers , those necklaces you wore tight around your neck?  They’re coming back in full force, including scarf chokers worn close to the neck as seen on Alexa Chung with this wool and cashmere top topped off with a necktie.


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