The Pliage Héritage Tricolore: What's your Heritage?

Treating itself to new summery shades, Le Pliage Héritage has never lived up to its name better than this season. Le Pliage Héritage Tricolore has inherited the sleek lines and signature luxury of the iconic Pliage, enhanced by the colors of the season. So, what’s your heritage? 12 readers reveal theirs.

7 April 2016   | 

Self-respect :

While some parents try to teach their kids to say Yes, mine taught me to say No from a very young age. All they wanted was for me to know what was right for me and to say it out loud. It’s my turn to try teaching my children this lesson because now I know how much it helped me in life. Blandine, 39

A touch of non-conformism : 

It wasn’t really about being different at all costs, more like never feeling obligated to copy other people. In short, always having a choice. It’s not about being eccentric, just independent. Inès, 33


Family matters :

My parents both come from big extended families and we always spent a lot of time with our cousins, uncles and aunts. Now I know this sense of security is the most important thing to keep intact. Probably the best thing they ever taught me was to make family a priority. Catherine, 41


Cherish the good things :

Quality over quantity, that’s what I always say. It’s like second nature to me, I never amass things blindly. I gravitate towards sure bets that will last and make me happy, a feeling that will also not fade. Sofia, 38

Hometown pride :

Fig jellies, Espelette pepper, the deep blue sea, hiking in the Béarn, the festivals in Bayonne…My love for my home region of Landes is a family heritage that I definitely plan to pass on, even if we don’t live there anymore. Eve, 36

A beauty mark on my lip :

I inherited it from my father, who inherited it from his mother. I was looking at old family albums recently and practically welled up when I noticed my great-grandmother had one too. Céline, 41

A secret recipe :

We got it from our grandmother, who was German. It’s a vinaigrette made with onions, sugar and dill that they only make over there…and at our house. Alexandra, 43

Smile :

I heard about it my entire childhood and I saw it on my mom’s face. Smiles are a powerful tool. It’s the weapon that disarms tensions, breaks the ice and is always contagious. Since my son was little, I’ve been telling him that his smile is his “magic power”. And it’s true. Fabienne, 44

A ring :

It was handed down from mother to daughter for five generations. Moms would give it to their daughters on their 20th birthday. I love the idea of an object changing hands, something we never truly own. Hélène, 48

Punctuality :

For my grandparents and parents, it was the utmost courtesy you could pay someone. We shouldn’t make people wait because their time was not ours to waste. I complained about it when I was little, we were always the only ones on time and spent a lot of time waiting. My kids complain about it too and I hope they make their own children whine about it for the same reasons. Anna, 45


A homestead :

It’s a tiny little house that could use a facelift, but its sentimental value is priceless. My great-grandmother was born in that house and five generations grew up there. They always came back in the summer. Isabel, 48


A serial optimist : 

I like to think of it like our “trademark.” A least that’s what always guided me. I truly believe it’s not innate in us and we have to teach children happiness and optimism by showing them the value of being happy and optimistic. Laurence, 41


Le Pliage Héritage Tricolore comes in four new models that are direct descendants of the legendary Le Pliage Héritage: two handheld bags, a crossbody bag and a clutch. Classic designs featuring ultra-fine leather and exquisite details intensified by this season’s colors: Terracotta/black/ecru, girl/black/white, sandy/khaki/ecru.

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