Father's Day: Find the Perfect Gift for the Perfect Dad

The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his bag. This Father’s Day, pinpoint your dad’s personality type to find the perfect gift.

17 June 2016   | 

My father, the businessman

“Cat’s in the Cradle” was obviously way before your time (ahem) but it could have been your anthem when you were a kid: your dad was always running from a high-pressure meeting to hop on a plane to some international seminar. Your family practically lived in the arrivals lounge. Not much has changed over the years. These days your dad has most of his conversations with his smartphone. And he never leaves the house without his laptop.

The perfect gift for Career Dad is a luxurious leather document holder (available in cognac, mocha or natural, in keeping with this season’s trend) or a briefcase to hold his laptop and important documents (also available in mocha).


My father, the style icon

You never remember seeing your dad dressed anything less than to impress. He doesn’t even own a pair of sweatpants. When it comes to the latest trends, your pop is more plugged in than you are. He’s an icon of effortless style. Watch out, Brad Pitt and David Beckham! This is the hip dad everyone wants (or wants to be).

The perfect gift for Cool Dad is a slick Foulonné tote bag with plenty of room for all his fab finds. Originally designed as a unisex shopping bag, the tote has been largely confined to the female wardrobe in recent years. No fair. It’s time style-conscious gents everywhere reclaimed the totes-awesome tote.


My father, the control freak 

Your panicky pop is prone to palpitations if everything isn’t just so. Let’s just say he has an anxious streak. On the flip side, his organizational skills are impeccable. He channels calm in the form of military precision. You have to admit, you take comfort in knowing your dad will never show up late or let you down. And when all else fails, he has a back-up plan to the back-up plan.

The perfect gift for Type-A Dad will indulge his obsession with having a place for everything and everything in its place. He needs enough compartments to be able to find what he’s looking for before he starts freaking out. Look no further than the Foulonné backpack. Reassuringly, it features zippers throughout, on the main compartment, the front pocket, and inner and outer back pockets. Relax, Dad: wherever you go, your stuff is staying put.

My father, the life and soul of the party

Your dad just wants to dance the night away. He used to complain about having to come pick you up because it was too early to go home. If you ask him, the night is young, and he’s most definitely young at heart: he’s clocked up more hours on the dance floor in the past month than you have in the past year.

The perfect gift for Party Dad is the stylish Le Foulonné cardholder/billfold. Everything he needs for a night out will fit right into the pocket of his pants or shirt. It has space for 6 credit cards –that should be plenty to paint the town red. Leaving your dad bag-free and ready to boogie.

My father, the homebody

There’s no place like home, and nothing better than kicking back on the couch. If he’s not already retired, Couch Potato Dad is holding his breath till all his staycations come at once. It’s very nice to go run some errands, but it’s so much nicer to come home.

The perfect gift for Couch Potato Dad is a Baxi Cuir leather crossbody bag. It’s compact but big enough to hold all the stuff he needs while he’s out of the house. Leaving him with both hands free to get himself back to the comfort of his man cave as quickly as possible.


My father, the globetrotter

You and your dad have traveled the world together. These days he can’t take you along in his suitcase, but his wanderlust shows no sign of waning. From airport lounges to luscious landscapes, new cultures and climates, the world is his oyster. Au fait with the quirkiest cuisines and unfazed by a breakdown in the desert, your dad is a seasoned thrill-seeker with an insatiable appetite for adventure.

The perfect gift for Globetrotter Dad is the effortless luxury of a wheeled suitcase to parade along the must-see sidewalks of the world. Because even though he doesn’t feel a day over thirty, at times his body might disagree. Alternatively, this shoulder bag is tailor-made for modern-day adventurers. He won’t want to put it down.

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